About Us

Our Mission & Purpose:
We unite Rutland County residents and resources to facilitate lasting positive change based on community needs.

Our local partners include:
1. Recipients of United Way Services
2. Partner Agencies
3. Donors (Businesses and Individuals)
4. United Way Board of Directors and volunteers

Who We Are
United Way of Rutland County is one of 1,200 United Ways in the United States and one of 1,800 worldwide. Serving Rutland County residents since 1943, we are an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the common good, focusing on health, education and financial stability. We are the largest non-governmental fundraiser for local services in our community.

What We Do 
We collaborate with other community organizations, partner with businesses, team with service delivery organizations and join forces with dedicated leaders and volunteers. Together, we solve community needs that affect families and children, assuring a community-wide services infrastructure.

We mobilize the community to provide the financial and non-monetary resources needed to build a better community. Through a single countywide fund drive, United Way raises resources that are invested in programs that address this community's most pressing needs. We actively work with local agencies to implement effective programs. We measure the impact of these programs by how well they solve problems, improve lives and provide feedback for continuous improvement. The outcome of all of this effort is a healthier and stronger community.