United Way Commercials

What does your donation do for the community?

When you donate to United Way of Rutland County, you may ask yourself where your money ends up. The answer is simple - your donation finds its way into the hearts of all the wonderful community members that benefit from the over 20 different non-profits we help to fund each year! 

Check out the attached video links below to learn more about what a United Way of Rutland County donation means to some of our grantees.


Turning Point Center of Rutland:










Link to Video: http://bit.ly/TurningPoint2020


Dismas House of Rutland:










Link to Video: http://bit.ly/DismasHouse2020


Reinbow Riding Center: 










Link to Video: http://bit.ly/ReinbowRiding2020


The Mentor Connector:










Link to Video: http://bit.ly/MentorConnector2020