Help us to reach our goal before the end of  January! WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Believe! Believe in Rutland and believe in the United Way! With your support – we have been LIVING UNITED for 75 YEARS! LET’S MAKE THIS YEAR THE BEST EVER!

The United Way of Rutland County Focuses on three main areas that we believe are keys to a better life—Education, Health and Income Stability.

This year we are rebuilding ourselves and we aim to be the catalyst that will ensure we:

  • Make our community so strong it cannot be shaken
  • Make sure our Children have all they need to succeed in school and in life
  • Help Families become self-sufficient and thriving
  • support us all coming together to lift up anyone up who falls

I promise you, this organization of members from our community will work everyday to make this dream a reality right here in our county! BUT WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!

Collin Fingon - Campaign Chair

Please Call our office at 802.773.7477 if you are interested in setting up recurring donations.

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