Community Impact Grants

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Do you want to apply for a United Way of Rutland County Community Impact Grant?

Our two grants are offered once a year in the spring for any 501c3 certified non-profit organization within the Rutland County territory! These grants are judged by a group of community leaders within the county, and grant funds are distributed twice a year (half of the funds are distributed at the beginning of the grant season, and the other half of the funds are distributed half-way through the grant season).

Grant Season: July through June of the Next Year 

Two Grants:

1.) Community Impact Mini Grant: For community impact requests less than or equal to $3,000.00.

2.) Community Impact Full Grant: For community impact requests larger than $3,000.00 (no specified “max”).

Check back for more information on how to apply for a UWRC Community Impact Grant. For more information, feel free to also send an email to [email protected]

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