Happy Feet

Happy Feet, a UWRC program added in 2019, serves children in need of new shoes. This program has proven to be very impactful over the last few years, we can’t wait to keep putting shoes on small feet in need!

This program was established when we heard that local teachers and nurses were purchasing quality shoes for children who could not afford them. United Way of Rutland County does not believe that families, educators and health care professionals should have to worry about putting shoes on young feet.

We are truly grateful for the community support we receive for this wonderful program!

We have already been able to provide 202 pairs of shoes for children in the 2022-2023 Grant Cycle Year. 

Here is what they had to say:

"Do I have to return these shoes after today?"

"I have never had my foot measured, I finally get real sneakers for school."

"I love my new shoes!!!"

"These fit so good, my old ones were so tight.”

"I can go sledding now!"

Are you in need of the benefits this program provides? If you are, please connect with your student’s Rutland County school nurse and/or teacher, or give us a call at (802) 773-7477.

Animated drawing of happy children jumping for joy with their new shoes.